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The Very First  Gingerbread Girls 


In The 60's It Was Hard Finding Female                          Musicians 

We (Ginger and myself) needed real commitments, we wanted a real commitment to the music and to our band.  

Ginger and I had a life time commitment to the music.  We went through many- many auditions from hell, many many girls. 

When a girl would speak of a plans of one day having a family, or thinking of other careers, they were also gone. We looked till we found girls that were going to work as hard as Ginger and I did.  NOT EASY!

As long as Goldie and Ginger were together there would be a Goldie and The Gingerbreads...and so it was... 



We found some great players  like Carole from Queens NY, keyboards, but she didnt want to travel...Not Travel? She was gone. Ginger and I  couldnt wait to get on the road. Any Road.


Then guitarist Marsha, from Brooklyn,   she taught music and wanted to continue teaching.  So, She was gone. Back to auditioning grls again, if we could even find em back then. Lots of calls to the 802 musicians unions in NYC and every other state Always auditioning..a real pain in the ass.


If you notice, I am on Drums I used to love to play drums still do, im not great at it, not like Ginger for sure, but It was fun to play drums and have 'shy' Ginger up front,  it felt like it took pressure off me up front for a change. I dont know if musicians understand the challenge  of being a front ' person'  always on the spotlight to keep it goin the right way. 

Ginger and I used to go to Times Square NYC to look for 'costumes rental' joints they had plenty of em those days, especially Times Square where all the shows were, think about it, what did they do with the costumes after a play closed?  The sexier they were, the more I liked them, the girls didnt feel the same way, but hey, I was a cheesecake girl and was comfortable in skimpy clothes ......besides I used to say to them, "We  Are Girls, Lets look like Girls" not truck drivers.

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