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When Ginger and I decided to form a girls rock band, (more like an R&B band) we did not think about stardom, we were just looking to have fun and get paid for it we were rebels with a cause, after all, she just ran away from home and Ir the first time was totally free for the first time to do as I wanted. Little did we know we were making history, I did understand that it would be ' different'  and thats what I always wanted.  Ginger and I have been partners from the beginning 1963 and so it stayed till the end. 1967

We went thru hell looking for girls that could play, I mean really play, after all I was already listening to Ray Charles, Buddy Guy and King Pleasure etc, we auditioned and fired and auditioned over and over before we felt satisfied with our final 4 sometimes 5 girls.  If I was to do it again, I would do it the same way.  Including the bowling alleys where you could hear us between strikes, it didnt matter, as long as we played.  It was my school, this was the way I learned everything I know. More often than not,  we played 6 shows a night with 20 minute breaks. We had a ball. Genya Ravan aka Goldie 

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